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We build really big software.  Big as in 100,000 people participating in the same web conference big or alert an entire state about severe weather big.  But few software systems start out that big. Twitter and Netflix had big ideas for sure, but the technology started small.  And they were able to smoothly grow to keep up with demand… well, perhaps not also smoothly!  So when’s the right time to start worrying about your scalability strategy?

We get asked that question a lot and the answer is early and often.  In fact, it’s one of the first questions we ask when evaluating the feasibility of a project.  While most technology businesses will never need to address Twitter or Netflix sized scalability challenges, we believe that if you are planning for success, you need to be planning for scalability.

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In 1986 we founded Eureka to focus on providing the absolute best custom software development services available – and by doing it for more than twenty-five years, we’ve learned a lot about doing it right.

Today more than ever, delivering great custom software requires going far beyond programming. We believe it takes a strong blend of technical artistry, high-end engineering and deliberate execution – and that’s how we approach every project we take on.

We believe that a distinct human touch is critical in visual and function design and that personal interaction occur throughout the development process. At Eureka, you won’t find stock design templates and rows of robotic programmers. You’ll find an open and approachable group of incredibly talented and yes, very human people. We trust them to do things the right way and we empower them with the liberty to do so. We constantly expand our understanding of what’s working, and what’s not and we continually improve our processes to remain efficient and relevant. We are firm believers in agile methodologies and lean operations and encourage and work with our customers to adopt these principles as well.

If this sounds like your sort of software nirvana, let’s get together and make something that matters – contact us now!